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Our core team are based in Australia and New Zealand. We can put together a production team for you that is perfect for the job whether you need a one man band or the full crew. Talk to us today.

What we've been up to
Vidi Chandra Movember Launch
Movember launch

Movember 2016 Launch Video  The launch of the Prostate Cancer Outcomes Register using animated content and interviews. Produced and directed… more...

Vidi Chandra music video
Music video

BROOZER - Feeder (Extended Version) Zombie music video for the tech sludge band Broozer. Made on a shoestring budget with… more...

Vidi Chandra Melbourne Uni Video
Melbourne University Engineering Department

Melbourne University School Of Engineering Showcasing the Melbourne University School of Engineering through interviews with heads of Departments and lecturers.… more...

Samuel Richards Warriors Way
The Warrior’s Way- A wider shot

A fantastic behind the scenes look at Sngmoo Lee's The Warrior's Way. Produced and directed by Samuel Richards. Take a look… more...

Samuel Richards
Samuel Richards

Sam is a highly sought after director with more than 20 years experience in film and television.

With a background in sound and camera, he is often a one man documentary crew in far flung and exciting places.

Sam has a particular talent for creating Behind The Scenes material that becomes its own compelling story.

He is currently back in Melbourne after an extended period working  in The Middle East, London and New York and can be contacted at


Gavin Newton
Gavin Newton

Gavin Newton is a cameraman, producer and currently a maritime trainer at Medaire. He’s the perfect guy to take into a war zone (We did) and he once saved a man’s life on a plane.

Gavin can be contacted directly at

Vidi Chandra
Vidi Chandra

Vidi Chandra is a freelance Senior Content Producer with a background in events and social media and is based in Melbourne, Australia

Vidi can be contacted directly at