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The Portal Project, South Sudan
The Portal Project, South Sudan

After thirty years of civil war that has left two and a half million people dead and four million displaced, South Sudan secured its independence in 2011 becoming the World’s newest country. A more recent power struggle within the borders of South Sudan has killed tens of thousands more and displaced another million people, most […]

Short Film – Blank Spaces
Short Film - Blank Spaces

“Blank Spaces” is a 3-minute short film produced under the “Your Big Break” Filmmaking Competition run by Tourism New Zealand in 2010. It was one of 5 scripts selected out of over a thousand entries and then produced at the price of $100,000NZ per film. The rules were that the films had to be shootable […]

Music Video – Broozer’s Feeder
Music Video - Broozer's Feeder

Broozer is a tough tech sludge 3 piece from Melbourne, Australia. This music video was done on a tiny budget, heaps of enthusiasm, loads of favours and buckets of fake blood. The clip represents our first foray into music videos. It involved a cast of around 50 people, a full crew, 15 Make Up artists […]

TV – Road To The Globe
TV - Road To The Globe

Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the FIFO Film Festival in French Polynesia in Feb. 2012, the documentary is screening in New Zealand. In 2012 New Zealand actor, Rawiri Paratene (Whale Rider), was given the prestigious honour of being invited to open the “greatest Shakespearian festival of our time” at the legendary Globe Theatre […]

EPK Making of – The Warrior’s Way… A Wider Shot
EPK Making of - The Warrior's Way... A Wider Shot

40 minute documentary on the making of A Warrior’s Way [2011] for the DVD and BluRay release. The Warrior’s Way is written and directed by Sngmoo Lee in his American feature film debut. It stars Jang Dong Gun (Friend, Taegukgi:The Brotherhood of War), Kate Bosworth (21, Superman Returns), Geoffrey Rush (The Kings Speech, Pirates of […]

TV – The General Grant…where it isn’t
TV - The General Grant...where it isn't

Winner of “Best Documentary 2003″ at the Hollywood DV Festival, Hollywood, CA. Hollywood’s inaugural all digital film festival. Final Jury Selection-WorldFest 2004 Houston, Texas. Official Selection and honorary screening for the Raetihi International Film Festival. New Zealand. May 13th 1866, Sub-Antarctic’s Southern Ocean, 50 degrees South. The passenger ship General Grant, ex Melbourne bound for […]

TV – FlightPath TV
TV - FlightPath TV

13 part series for The Discovery Channel Segment from Episode 8 of the aviation magazine show “FLIGHTPATH TV”. Profile on the Vought F4U Corsair and New Zealand owner/pilot Keith Skilling. Produced by LEADING EDGE MEDIA Rajneel Singh – Offline and Online Editor Samuel Richards – VO recording, Sound FX Editing, Sound Mix

Corporate – Heroes For Education
Corporate - Heroes For Education

Privately commissioned documentary for the Webster whānau. Mike Jonathan – Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor Samuel Richards – Sound Mix Corporate Video Documentary

TVC – Smiling Faces
TVC - Smiling Faces

The members of Concentric Circles have made many trips to the beautiful Samoa to produce TVCs and Documentary, in fact one of us (Tarx Morrison) loved the place so much he moved there on a permanent basis! This is one of the many TVCs we have produced using our footage. Samuel Richards – Director/Cinematographer Gavin […]

TV – Tāmaki Paenga Hira
TV - Tāmaki Paenga Hira

13 part drama series for New Zealand television. The show presents the history of Maori artifacts and treasures stored at the Auckland War Memorial Museum (also known as ‘Tamaki Paenga Hira’). This premiere episode deals with the history of the legendary greenstone club known as ‘Te Kaoreore’ which resides in the museum’s collection. Mike Jonathan […]

Film Promo – Eat Some Ice Creams! Do Some Bombs!
Film Promo - Eat Some Ice Creams! Do Some Bombs!

Official Theatrical Trailer for the documentary EAT SOME ICE CREAMS! DO SOME BOMBS! Young actor James Rolleston has just finished starring in the hit New Zealand feature film “BOY” and all he wants to do now is learn to surf. But when the beaches fail to deliver the big waves he craves, James hits the […]

Corporate – RavenSpace
Corporate - RavenSpace

A documentary about an Artificial Intelligence company based in southern Spain that is using news sentiment index data sourced from the internet, to successfully predict the stock market entirely without human intervention. Privately funded and currently under a non disclosure agreement due to the sensitivity of the project. Samuel Richards – Producer, Director, Editor, Sound […]

Corporate Video – Melbourne Uni School of Engineering
Corporate Video - Melbourne Uni School of Engineering

Shot over one day to showcase the Melbourne University School of Engineering through interviews with key faculty members and students. With just a crew of two, we covered camera, sound and interviewing, moving rapidly within the location to cause minimal disruption to the workplace. Samuel’s experience in documentary film making meant that we were able […]

TVC – Samoa Tourism Authority
TVC - Samoa Tourism Authority

This clip for Samoa Tourism Authority was shot in 4 days on location in Samoa while experiencing some very inclement weather. A crew of just 3, wrangled models from one end of the island to the other searching for a patch of blue sky and perfect sea which proved elusive at the best of times. […]

Music Video – 1814’s Relax
Music Video - 1814's Relax

Music Video for New Zealand reggae/soul band 1814. Mike Jonathan – Producer/Director Rajneel Singh – Editor Samuel Richards – 1st AD